Newspapers and Photo Agencies

Boston Globe Photo Department

Agence France Presse (AFP) agency

Magnum Photos agency

Reuters agency

Associated Press multimedia archive

National Press Photographers Association


Photography Journals and Projects Online

Photo District News (PDN) Online

Aperture magazine and photo book publishers

DoubleTake documentary magazine

Picture Projects - web based projects by Gilles Peress, Susan Meiselas and others

Newseum - The Interactive Museum of News

foto8 for journalistic photo essays

Photo critic A.D. Coleman's Nearby Cafe

Links to photojournalism sites worldwide at

FocalPoint f/8, more freelance photojournalism features

Photojournalism: Behind the Viewfinder

Some Books to Read

Picture Perfect: The Art and Artifice of Public Image Making, by Kiku Adatto (1993)

Picturing the Past: Media, History and Photography, ed. by Bonnie Brennen & Hanno Hardt (1999)

American Photojournalism Comes of Age by Michael L. Carlebach (1997)

Eyes of Time: Photojournalism in America, by Marianne Fulton (1988)

Crisis of the Real: Writings on Photography since 1974, by Andy Grundberg (1999)

Lone Visions, Crowded Frames: Essays on Photography, by Max Kozloff (1994)

Witness in Our Time: Working Lives of Documentary Photographers, by Ken Light (2000)

Magnum: The Story of the Legendary Photo Agency, by Russell Miller (1997)

Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works 1973 - 1983, by Allan Sekula (1984)

On Photography, by Susan Sontag (1977)


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